Nollywood filmamker,

The CEO of Ebony Films Production Nigeria Limited in an interview with Goldmyne TV said, "She really messed herself up, I don't want to talk about her again, she's not relevant to me."

He further continued with, "Toyin Aimakhu is a very good person, I won't lie to you, but she's the kind of person that's not ready to stay under any man's roof.

What she did to me, she really went far."

Also speaking about his threat to producers who feature the actress in any movie, he said, "It's not a threat, its a promise. She can't go around tarnishing my image and expect to go scot free until she goes back on her Instagram page and correct the mistakes she has done in the past."

In November 2015, Toyin Aimakhu started dating Seun Egbegbe as her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson started falling apart publicly.

She has since gone on to issue a disclaimer disassociating herself from the movie producer.

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