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Yesterday, July 31, 2016 the

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With videos that have titles such as “Are you a f*ck boy?”, “Much ado about Yoruba demons”, “How to a hook a man this Xmas?”, and “How girls store numbers” Toke Makinwa has become to the go-to celebrity for love tips. A lot of single and married women regularly go to her YouTube account for her latest clip.

It’s no secret that Toke Makinwa’s marriage crashed in a rather public fashion last year. She has gracefully moved on from the bitter episode revealing hardly anything about her failed marriage.

Yet it seems with her latest post Toke Makinwa has internalized her pain and dropped her realest gem till date. It’s true what they say- pain gives us a wider perspective on anything.

“We've all been hurt, some more than others. We've all been let down, some bounce back quicker than others. We are all Human” wrote Toke Makinwa.

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She further wrote “If you see someone struggling with letting go of a situation, pray with/for them. Sometimes all they need is time to get there on their own. Don't be mean, don't play judge, don't talk down at them, don't act like you are better than them, don't get irritated, don't use their life for gist. Remember that you too were once where they are now, you too once loved someone who didn't love you back and you took your time. Even when they make silly decisions or stumble and fall, keep showing them the light, Be kind.”

This is the most emotional and touching thing Toke Makinwa has said or written possibly since ever. Her critics and haters see her as some sort of ice queen who is cold to the realities of the world.

With her Instagram post Toke Makinwa has revealed warmth which is not only refreshing but also shows signs of growth. There is an added layer of warmth in Toke’s words that wasn’t there before.

This message of kindness might not necessarily bring in the views but it is nonetheless essential. Preaching the gospel of forgiveness and kindness would go a long way in making sure Toke Makinwa’s brand isn’t lopsided.