In the glitz and glamour of the showbiz world, some are not blinded by the bright lights.

For these people, they prefer the peace that privacy brings over the pains of popularity. In a recent interview with Hip TV, media personality

"I hate being popular...I'm just a normal person but I feel that some people would not identify with it so I need to change because I am a public person. But I don't like the fame that comes with entertainment" told the entertainment TV channel. Frank Edoho has rightfully wary about fame considering the fact that his first marriage splintered in such a public manner.

There are many people in this business with this state of mind. They don't want to be famous. They just want to do what they know how to do best and go home without having to worry about a bad headline on Linda Ikeji or any other blog.

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Ever since celebrities became a thing in human existence have people been wary of fame. Numerous ballads have been composed about the poisonous chalice of fame, and many tales have been said about its dark allure.

Despite the inherent dangers of losing your privacy for fame, it is something that many people want to have a feel of, experience and taste. The gossip blogs and mobile phone cameras have not deterred millions from seeking fame. Social media has increased the thirst to be somebody hot or popular at least a million fold.

Millions of people want to be adored, celebrated and worshipped. Fame to them is not a drug or trap, to them, it is a paradise that they are willing to walk through hell for. That is just one side of the game, though.

"Except that fame is the worst drug known to man. It's stronger than, heroin" rapped Jay Z on the track 'Lost Ones'.  Just like any drug fame will take you high and bring you low.

We have all seen top celebrities such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown unravel when hounded by the paparazzi. Socialite Paris Hilton once said that at night in her bedroom she could hear the sounds of cameras clicking in her mind. How can we forget Michael Jackson? The list is endless. Princess Diana was trying to run away from the fame before her fatal crash in Paris.

Fame/popularity is potentially dangerous that's why a lot of celebrities these days hardly expose their private lives to the public. They do not share any information that will attract public scrutiny. For all the gold in China, Adele will never sign up for anything that will mortgage her privacy.

Still, the decision to be a celeb would always make fame an unwanted visitor. It;s the nature of the business. It comes with the package. So even though Mr Frank Edoho might not necessarily like it, he and other fame-wary celebs have to smile for the camera whenever the occasion rises.