Soundcity VJ Moet Abebe doesn’t hold back when it comes to flaunting her physical assets.

Moet Abebe who is also now an actress shared a picture on Instagram that flaunts her curves and endowments.

In the picture the VJ is rocking a pink lace crop top with print pants. “Yh we do it big... We never do it mini tho” boasted the VJ/actress.

Moet Abebe caused a stir in July when she released hot pictures of her vacation in Zanzibar.

The TV personality is known to hit the gym frequently, and the results of her hard work are clearly showing. Moet Abebe is scheduled to star in a series called with Munachi Abii and KC Ejelonu.

In April, Moet Abebe said she is all for nudity as long as it is tasteful.

"If the movie is all about sex, then that’s basically just porn flicks. I’m not going to do that type of movie where all we talk about is sex. But if there’s a scene and as long as it’s not too provocative and as long as my interpretation relates to the actual character, why not? I’m not going to go nude or anything like that, but I do believe that there‘s tasteful nudity. I’m not going to do anything distasteful. As long as it’s necessary to the role, why not?” she said in an interview in Vanguard.

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