Sometimes we think we know our favourite celebrities so well that we even imagine who and how their relationships would be.

Well, a lot of times these celebrities have shocked us by seeking love at the places we least expected. Sometimes we love the idea behind these new relationships other times it looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

So here are five celebrity relationships we didn't see coming.

1. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

There is no way anyone would come up with the theory that they knew that Juliet Ibrahim would become Iceberg Slim's girlfriend except you indulge in voodoo. Well, this relationship came as a shock to many as there wasn't even a single clue. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim's relationship was dropped on us like a bomb.

We then witnessed a year of so many romantic gestures from the two, from attending events together, getting matching tattoos and even kissing on live T.V. Everyone loved the idea behind the two as it looked like beauty and brains paired together. However, it has been reported that the two are no longer together with Juliet deleting all their photos from her Instagram page.

2. Adesua Etomi and Banky W

Well, some might say this couple shouldn't be on this list for some reasons like the fact that Banky had Adesua on his hit song 'Made For You' and the couple shared an intense chemistry. But the truth is that the video wasn't enough for anyone to guess that they were already seeing either other. They went on to star in the blockbuster movie 'The Wedding Party' which didn't really give any hint (Professionals at work).

When Banky W finally announced their engagement back in 2017, the Internet went agog, there was so much buzz, their engagement photo at some point was the most viewed online. Then we witnessed one of the most talked about wedding in the entertainment industry with the who is who in the entertainment industry in attendance.

3. Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin

Now, this was the most unexpected relationship in the celebrity circles because it didn't even click as to where they would have met because of their different industries. Well just like every romantic relationship, it happened and we all saw this relationship as another made in heaven union.

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It didn't take long before Ubi Franklin proposed and they tied the knot with a lot of celebrities in attendance at their flamboyant wedding. However, this marriage was already a sinking ship before it started sailing because it didn't even take up to a year before cracks began to emerge from the marriage. Ubi and Lilian have since gone their separate ways even though the status of their marriage is not clear, they have a son, Jayden together.

4. Adekunle Gold and Simi

From the moment Simi became a star we weren't so sure who her boyfriend was as it was largely speculated that she was dating the rapper, Falz. The two however capitalised on this insinuation by going on to release hit songs and we all felt the chemistry between them.

Guess what? We were all wrong because while a relationship was already been speculated between Simi and Falz, her heart was already with soul singer, Adekunle Gold. It took a while for the two to actually come out of the closet but when they finally did, fans and lovers of the two music stars couldn't believe it. Even though they aren't the PDA kind of couple, we love the idea guys.

5. Davido and Chioma Avril

Yes, guys, no one saw this relationship happening because Davido isn't known to be a one lady's man as he is usually surrounded by a lot of ladies. Davido isn't just a ladies man, he has got two baby mamas so it would be traditionally believed that he would have no love interest.

This he did by proved many wrong when we began to see a mysterious lady's photos on his Snapchat which later graduated to Instagram. Then alas! Davido went public with Chioma Avril declaring his undying love for her. Since then its been one beauty story to another which broke the Internet.