In a series of tweets, and thankfully, not rants,

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Kanye revealed that, from his music to his shoe designs, his reality star wife has to 'ok' them before they can fly.

Considering the fact that many have blasted the fashion designer for his weird designs, his tweets were a real eye opener.

Kanye made it clear that his 'number one design rule' was that Kim had to like whatever he designed before they could be brought to life.

In other words, his clothing line that features a lot of torn and ragged looking outfits, may all be his idea but Kim has always, obviously been in full support.

Read more of his tweets below:

At this point, it is hard to keep up with the couple who seem picture perfect and so in love one minute, and then are reportedly ready for divorce the next.

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Watch Kanye West audition for the 'American Idol' below: