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Ugolee who is currently in need of a kidney transplant is N33 million away from having the procedure carried out.

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Seun took to his Facebook page to write, "Donate to save the life of our friend, brother and colleague. We as a people should come together and help heal our own."

D'Banj also described Ugolee as a good man, hoping that many others would respond to the plea that would literally save his life.

He wrote on his post via Instagram, "I hardly do this but, I have known you a long time and you are a Survivor. I remember when I first signed my Glo deal in 2008, you were there working and I've always been a Good Man, a supporter of Creative talent and Creative Being yourself. How I wish we had a great health Insurance system in Nigeria. Pls accept my little contribution and pls my people, let's Help a Brother Stay Alive, nothing is too small. OooSssHhhEee. God bless us all."

Sadly, this is quickly becoming a trend with entertainers in the country, with most of them suffering from varying ailments and then asking for Nigerians to assist them.


It might have been easier with the aid of a corporate body that sees to the needs of such entertainers but with the numbers rising on a daily, even that is no longer fail-safe.

All the same, we do wish the speedy recovery.