He wrote, "My dear Nigerian youths,

jungle Don mature my people.

GET off Social Media and Make your Country Proud. I challenge Docile Nigerians to Take the Battle to Every Arm of Government, Every State Capital and Every Banking Office in Nigeria and See if our President will not Fight with us for the Greater Good of NIGERIA. I think therefore I am; I fight because I Believe and I will not Stop Because on this Land I will Struggle, Hustle and Die fulfilled.

I am a NIGERIAN FIRST, I am a NIGERIAN ALWAYS and I am a NIGERIAN ONLY. My Heaven is the Streets, My Joy is my Activism and My Destiny is a Future where My Family can be Happy and Proud even if I am not there to Share it with them, Let me Die Knowing I gave it a GOOD TRY.

My people jungle Don mature and #OurMumuDonDo. We must become FEARLESS, DEFIANT & DETERMINED!!!"