Pulse Digital Picks: Carbon is our top online bank

#PulseDigitalPicks is a series that spotlights one digital service provider at a time, whom you can trust fully on the basis of their reliability and consistency.

Pulse Digital Picks: Best online bank

Digital sector in focus: Online Banking

Pulse Pick: Carbon.

First up in this series is the Online Banking Sector, and our pick is Carbon, a pan-African financial solution accessible via smartphones.

Carbon excels at effectively providing individuals with access to credit, a fee-free, interest-earning wallet, simple payments solutions, high-yield investment opportunities and easy-to-use tools for personal financial management.

A global company of about 150 employees with operations in Nigeria, England and Kenya, Carbon has been spectacularly fulfilling its mission of providing opportunity through friction-free finance and empowering individuals and businesses.

They actually pioneered instant lending in Nigeria when they launched the ‘Paylater App’ in 2016. That groundbreaking app, which has now been renamed Carbon, was the first mobile app to provide access to credit digitally without requesting individuals to present the documents and collateral traditionally associated with accessing loans.

Why Carbon stands out among others

Amongst a long list of market-leading innovations, they recently launched Carbon Express, a keyboard extension that allows customers to access Carbon services from within whatever app they are using. They’ve brought banking, payments and transactions into social apps in order to improve the experience of Customers.

Carbon also offers the following exciting features to customers:

  • high-yield investments
  • loan top-ups
  • free credit reports
  • 30 free transfers to any Nigerian bank monthly
  • fee-free banking
  • special loyalty rewards such as free healthcare benefits.

Customers are also paid interest just for leaving funds in their wallets.

Carbon’s services can also be accessed through their web portal and USSD (*1303#)

Why did Pulse pick Carbon?

Because of their genuine understanding of the financial realities of present-day Nigeria, and the creative solutions they have across board to help with these situations.

To fully understand what drives their commitment to providing stellar financial solutions at all time, read this reiteration by CEO, Chijioke Dozie:

“We will continue to take the road less travelled by others and always do our best to reduce financial friction for our customers. I believe it is one of our greatest responsibilities to meet our customers wherever they are.”

So whether you’re a student at the University, a professional employee, or an entrepreneur, the Carbon app has something you need.

And if after all of these, you still have doubts somewhere in your mind, we hope these amazing stories from Carbon customers will dispel them completely.


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