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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 6]

Dumebi and his Boss' new wife have been eyeing each other at the party. There are locked in an office where they're tearing at each other and later in her car.

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When I got to her it was clear she didn’t have time for small talk, instead she grabbed my hand and led me down the dark lit hallway. She pushed me up against a wall suddenly then smashed her lips against mine followed closely by her breasts on my chest.

She was not wearing a bra and I had a hard now, she kissed me hungrily like she had been starved of it.

I turned her so she leaned on the wall and kissed her back with just as much passion, my hands slid up her bare thigh and I felt her shiver then she broke off,

“No, not here” her voice was deep and raspy and filled with lust, I had to have her, she tugged at my hand again and led me to an empty office at the end of the hallway.

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This was Ella’s former office coincidentally, her perfume lingered and I couldn’t breathe. I wanted out of there, I shook my head and dragged her quickly out to the next office which I knew had never been occupied so all it had were spare chairs and tables. She pushed me onto a chair and climbed on top of my lap and began attacking my face and lips, kissing me everywhere, making satisfying noises as she went along.

I held my hands on her hips and she ran her hands under my loose shirt to caress my chest, she massaged me for a couple more minutes before she attacked my belt and zipper, once undone, she put one hand down my boxers and began groping my firm cock, she couldn’t have made it harder than it already was but she stroked anyway.

At that point she climbed off my lap and knelt down on the floor in front of me, she looked up at me and winked before she proceeded to take my rock-hard cock out of my boxers. Slowly she lowered her mouth onto my cock and began sucking up and down my shaft, her mouth was warm and wet and my cock was aching, she continued this assault for ten minutes before we heard a slight knock on the door and she froze,

“Dumebi, guy! Oga Eben dey ask of you oo, I tell am sey you don go house but you go need commot now before anytin” Dayo whispered from the other side

“I get your bag here, you gatz leave from the other entrance” I sighed, Dayo was such a life saver. The boss’s wife heard this too and she straightened up on her kneel with a mixture if saliva and pre-cum on her chin. She wiped it with her hands and proceeded to lick her fingers dry.

I groaned a little at this. When I had retrieved my things from Dayo, I led her through the back entrance of the building.

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“Want to continue this in your car or mine?” She said leaning in to me, hers preferably, that way if we were caught at least it would be in her ride. I knew she had a driver but he appeared to be nowhere in sight this evening, I almost skipped towards her Range Rover, once in, she laid the seat I was sitting on to the back and climbed onto me again, she pulled off the sleeve of her dress and her breasts popped out, I groaned again and buried my face in between them, she held me there for a minute then,

“Hurry, we haven’t much time” she whispered, I pulled away and inserted one nipple in my mouth, I just had to taste them, she massaged my cock and in no time I was hard again. Just then an image of Ella, naked writhing under me came into my head, followed by a laughing Ella, Ella on her birthday when Gozie surprised her with a trip to Venice.

I shut my eyes tight, lai lai, not now when I have this much sexiness at my fucking disposal, I silently cursed Ella for tormenting me so and moved to the next nipple, my dick wanted to fuck this woman and it would hate me for the rest of our days if I passed this up.

In a blink of an eye, she pulled down my pants a little and took off her thong to expose her pussy, she lowered herself down on my lap and guided my throbbing cock into her pussy with her hand. We both sighed at the contact, her pussy was deliciously tight,

“I haven’t had sex in quite a while, I have forgotten how good a big, brown cock feels inside me” She slowly began rocking back and forth and moaning softly, her head back and her eyes closed, her nipples just within my mouth range.

She stopped rocking and said

“Do you have a condom, cause I am not on birth control” I shook my head

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“No, I don’t, sorry” I figured we were going to stop and I was already sad when she began rocking again

“Well, just let me know when you are close, and before I could agree she seized my mouth in a hot kiss, then broke off so she could moan in that deep throaty voice. I held her hips with both hands and she held onto my head, she moaned and moaned and her tight pussy would tighten even more and then release with each orgasm.

I felt myself starting to get close and I muttered “getting there”, she climbed off me and began sucking my cock until I began to blow my load, it kept coming and coming to her delight and she licked the shit all up.

It filled up her mouth and ran down her chin and as she let go of my cock, the last bit shot onto her gigantic tits, she swallowed what she could then she said,

“Please hand me that towel behind the seat” when I passed it to her she wiped her chin then her boobs.

“My husband isn’t in town and the house will be lonely tonight, I need to fuck you properly, you’re allowed to say no and we will never speak of it again, if you say yes, you’re also allowed to fuck me every day for as long as you like or never again, it’s the end of the year, there’s a holiday, I’m so fucking drunk and I wanna fuck so what do you say?”

Hmm she had me at “My husband isn’t in town” I pulled her forward and kissed her deeply, I hope that gave her the answer she needed, of course I wasn’t going to make this a thing.

She was right, we were both horny, it WAS a holiday but I wasn’t nowhere near as drunk. She stopped then put herself together “I’m driving” oh no she isn’t, not in that state, I knew the shortest route to my boss’s house, I would be driving.

“Hand me the keys madame” I said stretching my hand out, she laughed heartily then searched the floor for them, then she got into the passenger seat and I turned on the car. I would pick up mine in the morning, the best explanation would be that I was too drunk too drive, only those who knew me knew, I hardly ever got drunk.

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I couldn’t concentrate on my driving because she had her finger in her pussy the whole time and had cum twice before we even got to the house.