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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 3]

Noticing that Oluchi is not so smart, Tunde is taking things a notch higher. Every morning he uses her boobs are stress balls, what a way to start the day.

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As soon as Tunde arrived on Thursday morning he called Oluchi into his office.

"I'm terribly stressed today," he told her. "I've got a call at 9.30 so I need to be sharp as a razor this morning. Can you come around here so I can use your breasts for a moment?" he asked her, reaching up with his hands and making squeezing motions towards her.

"Of course sir" agreed Oluchi. She was still feeling guilty after splashing tea on him yesterday and wanted to please him as much as possible today.

She moved around the desk and sat down in the chair beside him, turning her body towards him a little and arching her back to thrust her chest out towards him.

Tunde was obviously much stressed today as he reached out with both hands and grab both of Oluchi's heavy breasts in his palms.

"Oh that's good!" he breathed in obvious relief, giving her big breasts a firm squeeze, sinking his fingers into her lovely big breasts.

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"These are better stress-reliever," he said, massaging her breasts through her blouse, squeezing the large globes quite roughly. He grabbed and squeezed at Oluchi's chest with obvious pleasure, rolling the large round spheres of her breasts around in his hands and even pinching at her nipples through her clothing.

"I think that you shouldn't wear a bra tomorrow," He suggested, lifting her breasts up in his hands and pressing them together against each other, causing her cleavage to well up above the neckline of her blouse.

"It would make them feel smoother."

"Okay Mr. Tunde," agreed Oluchi. "If it would help I'll leave the bra off tomorrow."

"Good," he said, smiling broadly as he grabbed harder on her huge breasts.

Tunde played with her breasts for about ten minutes before he finally seemed to have had enough and sent her back out to her desk and he got on with his own work.

About fifteen minutes after that the call came through and Oluchi connected it to his office. A couple minutes later she heard his cell phone ring as well and some rather heated discussion going on.

After a further five minutes or so she heard Tunde yell out from his office.

She hurried in and saw that Tunde was sitting in his chair, his legs crossed with his mobile phone against one ear and his cell phone against the other. His head was tilted to the side and he was holding his phone against his shoulder as he struggled to write on the note in front of him.

Tunde pointed at the note and gestured for her to come over to him.

Oluchi hurried over and saw that he had scribbled a note for her. 'I need to urinate but can't I stop the call, too important' he had written. Oluchi frowned at his note and shrugged. She wasn't quite she how she could help him out of that tricky situation.

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Tunde tore off the page from the notebook to reveal another note, already written on the page below.

'Find me a bucket.'

She gasped in surprise as she read the note, her eyes going wide. He wanted to urinate in a bucket at his desk while he talked on the phone?

The buxom blonde looked around his office for something for him to urinate into. Seeing nothing she hurried back out to where her desk was but didn't spot anything useful.

"Damn!" she swore, her mind racing. What was she going to do?

Oluchi hurried back into Tunde's office, as she entered her gaze rested on the waste bin beside his desk. Perfect! She hurried over, her large breasts jiggling enticingly beneath her blouse as she moved.

Oluchi grabbed the bin and flipped it over, spilling the rubbish onto the floor. She then put it on the floor in front of Tunde's chair.

She hesitated awkwardly a moment, wondering if she should turn her back or leave the room to let him urinate in privacy. However, before she could move Tunde tore another page off his note, revealing a third note.

'Take it out for me and aim it at the bucket.'

It took a few seconds to realise what Tunde meant by 'it', but as soon as she did, her face went blank.

He actually wanted her to hold his dick for him while he urinated, right at his desk? Oluchi's mind was spinning. Never in her wildest imagination had she ever considered that she would be in such a position. She couldn't do it, could she? Could he make her do it?

Did he really mean what she thought he meant? Oluchi stood there, staring at the note and rereading it, frozen by uncertainty.

Tunde was still talking on the two phones, his voice sounding stressed. He tapped urgently at the note in front of him, indicating to Oluchi to hurry up.

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Oluchi bit her lower lip. She really needed this job and didn't want to upset Mr Tunde. The curvy personal assistant already felt like her job was tense after yesterday's split tea incident. But could she really go through with this? It was disgusting, not to mention very strange.

Oluchi took a deep breath. Only one way to find out.

She knelt down beside her boss and reached carefully into his lap, reaching for his zip. Her hands were shaking with nervousness. Oluchi swallowed as she carefully took only of Tunde's zipper between her thumb and forefinger, holding it as if it was poisonous, but realistically his zip was the least of her worries.