The Rise of The Orgasms 3 Reasons why lesbians cum more than straight women

A study has shown that men achieve orgasm 97 percent of time during sex while the lady has 65 per cent chance. It leaps to 85 percent with another woman

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Lesbian sex finishes in orgasm 85 per cent more time for lady compared to 65 per cent with a guy play

Lesbian sex finishes in orgasm 85 per cent more time for lady compared to 65 per cent with a guy

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However sex ends for a man, it is good sex. I say however it ends meaning that when he has the chance to insert his penis into the vagina, and thrusts a couple of time. Especially for people suffering from premature ejaculation, it is indeed a good day.

For a woman, it’s very different. Studies have revealed that there are 4 minutes difference between a man’s orgasm and a woman’s orgasm. Guess which one happens first? The man. The study shows that if the man can hold his ejaculation for another 4 minutes, he would have succeeded in helping his partner achieve orgasm, reports Highsnobiety.

Another one also shows that men reach orgasm 95 percent of the time while ladies only get there 65 percent of the time. Some men try to achieve this while others cannot seem to get their partners across the finish line, which is what results in women having fewer orgasms than men.

For a long time, talking about sex has been a big taboo for both sexes but women had it even worse. Women seen talking about sex and pleasure are immediately categorized as prostitutes. With some men of God also insinuating that sex is bad. These factors and several others have made ladies mute about anything that has to do with their sexuality.

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If one is being silent about being treated inadequately, then it could also be a lost cause to attain pleasure consistently in the bedroom. It seems that this condition is about to get better, new studies have shown that women can now achieve orgasms as much as men, given the right conditions.

Ladies understand it's about the other person, not just them. play

Ladies understand it's about the other person, not just them.



By right conditions, we mean if you examine the data from the study conducted by Chapman University that looked into women having sex with women, which took the chances of female orgasm to 85 per cent. The leader of the study, Professor David A. Frederick, buttressed the discovery saying the difference between straight and lesbian women is essentially the importance of equality and quantity.

He further said, “One of the things that differed between lesbian and straight sex was how long they had sex for,” speaking with Highsnobiety. “Lesbian women were more likely to be having sex for 30 minutes or longer, which is associated with a higher rate of orgasm. We also speculate that there is more turn-taking and an emphasis on equality in lesbian relationships.”

Further discoveries included that, for heterosexual couples, sex is mostly initiated by the man which makes it seem like the man’s need is what is always been focused on. He also said that one of the key pointers to whether a woman would reach orgasm during sex is if oral sex is in the mix, which he feels a lot of people still don’t use as much as they should.

Frederick said  “This seems kind of straightforward, but what surprised us was that less than half of all couples reported engaging in oral sex when they are intimate with each other,”

“Out of the women who reported only having vaginal sex during their last encounter, two thirds did not orgasm.”

If we look at woman on woman sex, then this improves to a large extent.

A Parisian lady speaking about heterosexual and homosexual said “Why even bother if both people only have a one in two chance of getting off?” “Lesbian sex is more about what both people want and how to get it.”

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She maintained that the reason women achieve higher orgasm with other women isn’t because of just understanding each other better, but also that they realize that there is room for listening and communicating.

The willingness to listen and communicate is one of the reasons why it has higher orgasm rate. play

The willingness to listen and communicate is one of the reasons why it has higher orgasm rate.



 “Just because it’s same sex, doesn’t mean that you know exactly what your partner likes… everyone has specific things.”

Below are the reasons why women’s orgasm rate has improved

1. Better sex education

One of the major reasons for horrendous sexual assumptions is how illiterate we’re about sex. Depending on what time you went to school, especially in Nigeria, you were only thought about sex as reproduction tool not something that should be enjoyed with your partner.

The biology teacher made sure you detest sex, and with how your parents told you if a boy touches your arm will make you pregnant, you’ve pushed it to the back of your mind.

Meanwhile, in advanced countries like France, they’ve started to introduce a 3D printed clitoris to the class room to explain in details the female anatomy to make sure everyone understands what which part of the body does. They go a step further to explain how penetration is the most efficient way of exciting that.

Our current sex education programs only cover how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases/infections and pregnancy, nothing about how pleasurable such experience is which goes for both men and women.

Better education about sexuality and the female body helps a lot. play

Better education about sexuality and the female body helps a lot.



Maya, a straight lady gave a comment about climaxing with a partner to Highsnobiety, “Men crave a mutual sexual experience and are often ashamed and embarrassed when they can’t achieve that.”

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“You have to spend a good amount of time teaching men what you like, which also means you have to know yourself,” she added.

2. The Orgasm Tutors

It’s a recent thing, it’s now possible to have practical sex education, thanks to tech startup from Silicon Valley, OMG Yes. They offer online tutorials and stimulations to teach about female pleasure which is a good course you should sign up for right now.

The website founder, Rob Perkins told Highsnobiety, one of the several challenges with female pleasure is finding the right words to describe it.

“The study showed that women who talk specifically about what makes sex more pleasurable for them are eight times more likely to be happiest in their relationships,” Perkins said. “One problem is, there just aren’t enough specific, descriptive words for what feels good. So, we’re building a new vocabulary from large-scale research with thousands of women.”

They’re not only trying to help people understand female pleasure but also fighting the stigma that comes along with it.

“A lot of oppressive religions and cultures find it threatening for a woman to know what she wants and go out and get it. And, while most people don’t think that now, there is a vestigial hand that makes people uncomfortable,” Perkins added.

Because of their good work, a lot of insights have been uncovered about the female pleasure and rates at which it happens.

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“It’s not true that every woman is entirely different,” Perkins said. “There are patterns and rhythms that intensify pleasure for the majority of women. Knowing and trying them is like having more tools in your toolbox, which is a good thing.”

3. Better communication

Open communication is key. play

Open communication is key.



Previously such topics are a taboo but to an extent, people are now being open about what they want in bed. One of the frustrations for women is that they’re shy or not allowed to speak about how they enjoy sex, or what gets them to orgasm quicker.

Women finding their voices in the bedroom has also improved the chances of orgasm for women. To be open with pleases a woman’s body is freedom, that has definitely improved how much orgasm women have recorded.