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Someone slightly scratches your car, what do you do?

Block them with your car so they don't escape till they make it right with you
Park normally and address the situation
Yell at them a little but continue driving
It depends

How do you react when someone cheats on you?

Cry a bit and move on.
Make sure you destroy their property before you leave
Report and drag them on social media
Just take your L and move on
None of the above

How should a marriage proposal be?

Privately between just the two people
In a very public place with many strangers
Just family, friends, or both is OK
How the person being proposed to likes it

Your child [present or future] blocks your slap, what’s your next move?

Cry for neighbours to save you from your kid who is attacking you
Call your family members to say your child attacked you
All of the above
None of the above

Your partner forgot to stay up to send you a birthday message on the stroke of midnight, what do you do?

Send a passive aggressive reminder
Pretend like everything is OK and revenge on their birthday
Throw a tantrum on the day after your birthday

Don't lie. When retelling a story, how much extra details do you add?

I may add a little spice to make it more interesting
I don't add anything. I tell it as it is
It depends on the story I'm retelling
It depends on who is listening

What's your love language?

Quality time
Physical touch
Acts of service
Receiving gifts
Word of affirmation
It's food for me, abeg.
Your score: 100%
Number one drama queen. With you. there is always some issue being blown out of proportion, or some normal story being retold with such grand dramatic effect to it. You move from zero to hundred all the time. Like, all the damn time.
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Your score: 77%
You act all normal and you probably are. But there is a wild part of you that lives for all the drama in this world. You have all sorts of dramatic ideas, plans, stories and reactions locked up somewhere in your mind. You only unload it on a very few people though.
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Your score: 33%
You are a normal human being who tries to avoid drama, noise and unnecessary attention as much as possible. You are surely not the first person that comes to people's minds when they hear the word 'drama queen'
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Your score: 0%
Not only are you not dramatic, you actively detest drama and all the people that embody it. It has stood in the way of you and some people you'd have loved to date but your life is a drama-free zone and you love it just the way it is. For you, it's peace above romance.
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