The Security Council on Wednesday expressed serious concern that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) has conducted series of further ballistic missile launches in flagrant disregard of UN resolutions.

DPRK launched failed ballistic missile on April 27, April 28 and on May 31.

The 15-Member body in a statement in New York, said that these repeated attempted launches were in grave violation of the DPRK’s international obligations under the UN Security Council resolutions 1718 (2006), 1874 (2009), 2087 (2013), 2094 (2013) and 2270 (2016).

The Council deplored all DPRK ballistic missile activities, noting that such activities contribute to the its development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and increased tension.

They reiterated that the DPRK should refrain from further actions, including nuclear tests, in violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions and comply fully with its obligations under these resolutions.

The Council called on all Member States to redouble their efforts to implement fully the measures imposed on the DPRK by the Security Council, particularly the comprehensive measures contained in resolution 2270 (2016).

It also directed its Committee to intensify its work to strengthen enforcement of resolution 2270 (2016) and assist Member States to comply with their obligations under that resolution and other relevant resolutions.

The Council reiterated the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in North-East Asia at large.

It expressed its commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation and welcomed efforts by Council members as well as other States to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue.

It agreed to continue to closely monitor the situation and take further significant measures in line with the Council’s previously expressed determination.