The New York Forum Africa 2015 will be focusing on the energy that can come out of Africa's human resources rather than oil, Its the energy that comes from innovation and technology, research and development, agriculture.

Since 2014 the Nigerian song has been to find it's way back to agriculture, with various reports stating that Nigeria's crude oil will dry up in about 40years. Don't you think its time to explore other sources of revenue through innovations? well its about time.

The other sources of energy that will power the African economy in 2015 are;

1. The energy of the African economy.

2. The energy from sector opportunities.

3. The energy of African innovations.

4. The energy of African Entrepreneurship.

5. The energy of African youths.

6. The energy of African consumers.

7. The energy of African women.

8. The energy of marketplace and and village of innovation.