Perus Congress confirmed the suspension of lawmaker Kenji Fujimori in a second vote Thursday, shortly after officials had voided an earlier ballot over a voting discrepancy.

The second vote, which confirms the popular 38-year-old lawmaker's suspension on corruption allegations, leaves him possibly facing a lengthy ban on holding office -- which would rule out his anticipated run for the presidency in 2021.

The setback is the latest twist in Kenji's long-running battle with his sister Keiko for control of their father's political dynasty.

Kenji decried the new vote, blaming it on maneuvering by his sister -- whose Fuerza Popular party controls Congress -- and said he would take legal action.

"Yesterday, I was illegally suspended without the number of votes required by the Constitution. Today, Keiko wants to make a new vote to suit you and consolidate the abuse," he wrote on Twitter.

"I will not submit. I will initiate legal actions. I will defend my rights," he wrote.

Congress president Luis Galarreta, one of Keiko's allies, had earlier announced the voiding of Wednesday night's vote.

That ballot ended with Kenji's suspension, but crucially threw him a political lifeline because the Congress did not have a quorum to impose a ban on holding office, which would have ruled out a tilt at the presidency.

Thursday's retaken vote approved suspension by 58 votes in favor, seven against and 19 abstentions, said Galarreta.