Truecaller’s been telling us they have plans to touchdown in Africa for a while now, so it’s not much of a surprise. The best part? They are setting up headquarters in the region and they’ll be hiring key personnel for operations.

If you’re not down with the geeky stuff, scroll a little further down,

Truecaller also launched a Developer Program with the Truecaller SDK, a product for digital startups and app developers. This will help 3rd party developers, digital businesses and startups verify end users ASAPly. It is available on Android, iOS and web platforms.

Priyam Bose is the Head of Worldwide Developer Relations at Truecaller, and this is what he said:

“We see Nigeria as one of the most promising eco-systems in Africa, that’s why we have decided to kick-off our tour in the market. After engaging with some of the top tech startups anddigital businesses in the country, we are even more convinced that Truecaller SDK — mobileidentity solution — will help solve many of their challenges when onboarding and verifying newusers.”

Wait a minute, why is Truecaller such an incredible product?

Think about this? A number calls you, and it’s not stored on your phonebook. You don’t know whether it’s a stalker, a spammer, or someone you’re owing money. So ask yourself, to pick or not to pick?

This is the simple problem Truecaller solves. It’s the giant phonebook of the Internet and is one of the fastest growing consumer apps in Africa. For the past two years, it has graced our App store charts’ most popular lists. High up with the Facebooks and Instagrams.

Truecaller provides a simple solution that just shows you who’s calling and filters the ridiculous spam calls and SMSes.

50 million people in Africa already use this app. That’s about a third of Facebook’s Africa population. Just so you know how much work Truecaller is actually doing, here are a few interesting numbers;

  • More than 500 million spam calls gets blocked every month. More than 50% of messages being filtered is considered spam.
  • Nigeria alone, has 6.2 million Truecaller users. Although, only 3 million are active monthly users. 
  • But these are still great numbers when you realise that 80 percent of that user base was acquired just over the past year. 
  • Every single month, Truecaller blocks 13 million calls and 25 million spam SMS on a monthly basis.
  •  In a recent study conducted by Truecaller, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt rank among the top 20 countries