A youth group known as the Ekiti Kete Youth Forum as denounced the Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose as a disgrace to the people of the state.

The statement was made by TopeIdowu, the director of publicity of Ekiti Kete Youth Forum in a recent conference. The youth group also claimed that Ekiti State lost its premium academic and moral standing under Fayose's administration.

They criticized the governor as uncultured and disrespectful.

“It is unheard of that Governor Fayose, instead of facing serious governance, has rather become common in the market as a seller of pepper, meat, fish, palm oil and so on. An act which has not only denigrated the highly esteemed office, but also deceitful as it aims at distracting the people from noticing his negative tendencies towards serious governance.

“Since Fayose resumed office as the governor of Ekiti on 16 October, 2014, Ekiti has always been in the news for wrong reasons, due to series of shameful and uncultured acts being exhibited by Mr. Fayose on a daily basis, as he has also neglected his responsibility as a governor of a state and unofficially assumed the responsibility of the spokesperson of the opposition party (People’s Democratic Party) in the country,”

The youth forum also lamented the high rate of poverty and unemployment in the state. They likewise accused him of imposing heavy taxes on the people.

“Mr. Governor is less concerned about their welfare, this has informed our strongly condemning his idea of imposing heavy tax on the governed even with their small scale businesses, the tipper drivers and meat sellers who are struggling to feed their families,” the group said.