When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced that 2019 was the 'Year of Lights' there was tremendous excitement. The members of the global family of Pastor Chris learned about the functions of light during January's Global Communion. In this past year, we have had unprecedented leadership, amazing empowerment and there have been prophetic signs and seasons.

Jubilant January

When Pastor Chris said, "The darker the darkness the more brightly you shine" he could have been refereeing to the launch of Healing School Magazine. This publication is filled with moving stories of people who, in an instant had their lives changed. The inspiring testimonies of healing are beacons of light.

The Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris was a time of power and higher learning where thousands upon thousands were ushered into a higher realm of glory. The three-day conference recharged the thousands of brethren in attendance, boosting and fortifying their sacred bond with the Lord Almighty.

Fabulous February

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome taught us how we should be 'Walking in the Light’.In his sermon, he said, “The light in which you walk must be consistent with the Word.” He further expounded this idea to reveal that "Light gives empowerment because of light emits energy. Energy is the capacity to perform." February saw some astounding events.

The donation of money to an engineering department in 2015 came to fruition this year. The new facility was unveiled at Benson Idahosa University will help usher in a new phase of excellence at the university. The Engineering students of 2019 will be contributing to the already growing standard of the university.

To encourage Nigerians to vote in the elections Olusegun Obasanjo visited Pastor Chris The gathering consisted of an exclusive tour of his presidential library and an official interview on state affairs. Pastor Chris has assured the nation that whatever the result will be, God will be on their side.

Marvelous March

During the month of 'Possessing your Possessions' Pastor, Chris taught us that " in this month, it doesn’t matter what you have been going through, it doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is, because you are a child of God, there is perfection in your body, healing, completeness."

The Healing School opened its doors in South Africa on March 8th and it was a time of hope, where God’s immense love and magnificent power are demonstrated in the healing of the sick.

Awesome April

April 2019 as declared to be ‘the Month of Direction’ Pastor Chris said, emphasizing that science and technology do not oppose the Word of God when they enhance the lives of human beings. “You can tell that [some technology] was made against God when it is created to destroy man”. Soth responsible thing to do is to use technology to enhance evangelism and spread the word of the Gospel.

The 'Cell Leaders Conference' is an annual conference where soul-winners are invited to enhance their fellowship by imbibing the word of God together. In a dedicated conference designed to "to reignite, inspire and fuel our passion for soul-winning and global evangelization" the leaders were able to direct their congregation to greater things.

This month saw the highly impactful International Easter Youth Camp. Following a warm welcome to the delegates drawn from over 120 countries, Pastor Chris shared provoking thoughts from the Word of God, recalling the priceless responsibility of the gospel to the youth present.

Magnificent May

That event came right in time for ‘the Month of Leadership.'

In the sermon of Chris Oyakhilome, he said "The Lord has given the Church His leadership that sets us apart from the rest of the World, in the same way, Israel has been set apart by God. There is a spiritual authority that is taking root and manifesting in each one of us. The more we understand our authority in Jesus, the more powerful we will step into this call of ‘leadership’.

During the 'Light Up Your World Digital Conference' there was a chance to have a spiritually uplifting experience directly from your phone. Using technology to praise God and hear his Word was truly inspired.

Bishop James Payne said, " never get tired of praying the prayer of salvation with people. And every one of them, the moment we pray that prayer, the spirit of God comes on them." Which took us right to the next month's achievement.

Joyful June

This was 'the month of Prayer.' Pastor Chris said, "We are going to change things through prayer this month. Everybody is praying with Pastor every day this month. There were many opportunities for communal prayers in June.

At the 'Pray-A-Thon' there were prayers being said around the globe and around the clock. It was a truly amazing month.

Jovial July

There was much happiness when July revealed to be the month of "Thanksgiving"

The practice of thanksgiving is not just a thing you do, as it was taught at the Global Communion Service, it is a way of life. Giving thanks to God is a form of worship and of offering to Him. To acknowledge God’s goodness and praise Him for everything, we are also giving Him everything back with all the glory in heaven and earth.

Through the 'Healing School Online Prayer Conference,' many destinies were rewritten. This year's conference was remarkable as changes were enacted as prayer partners connect online from every continent and participated live. This tremendously powerful link was available for thousands of people in search of healing miracles.

Astounding August

August was the 'Month of Beauty.' We read about beauty throughout Scripture and saw that all the things God makes are beautiful.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the World Evangelism Conference
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the World Evangelism Conference

World Evangelism Conference

This was a three-day conference packed with wise teachings and revelations from God, delivered through Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny. the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny was hosted in the United Kingdom at the SSE Arena, Wembley. There was so much beauty at the World Evangelism Conference with ministers from over 170 nations gathered to hear words of wisdom and glory.

The power of testimony at the Healing School was strong and unstoppable. When faith is made strong, there is nothing that stands between what you need and what God wants to give you. As testimonies were shared, the pure love of God was made evident with every miraculous healing story.

Super September

September 2019 was 'The Month of Uplifting. At the Haven International Convention with Pastor Chris, it was a life-changing event. Delegated from all over the world came seeking new heights and depths in their faith.

At the end of the month, the 'Emerging Young African Leaders’ Summit took place at the Digital Bridge Institute in Lagos, Nigeria. With more than 400 delegates in attendance at the summit, there were nine African countries represented. The future security of Africa was being written by future leaders. What an amazing uplift from the 'Future African Leaders Foundation.'

Outstanding October

October was known as ‘the Month of Ministry.’ The Month of Ministry is about our future which is now. With this idea, the Global Youth Leaders Forum was gathering momentum. They are dedicated young leaders who are already making an impact on the communities they visit. October saw a surge in membership during the online conference.

Noble November

There were so many blessings during 'the Month of Blessings.' November was a busy month for Christ Embassy, and they finished strong. Pastor Chris encourages all members of the global family to finish strong.

The 'International Pastors and Partners Convention' (IPPC) had profoundly impactful seminars for pastors, church workers, and Christian brethren alike. From here they were able to take the messages they’ve learned back to their location and continue to develop their strategies for evangelization. It set everyone up for a new level. Hallelujah! What a blessing to have such an opportunity. The amazing components of the Christ Embassy were on display at the IPPC in a special exhibition.

Connecting with social media is an integral part of the Ministry now. In the month of November, we are immersed in the Month of Blessings. The digital platform is a blessing and we are blessed to be able to use it to connect with so many people with real purpose. The 'International Media Connectors Conference' (IMMC) was the place to be to immerse yourself in those blessings.

Award winning singer Sinach
Award winning singer Sinach

The musical monsters gave us some of the best gospel music of the decade. 'LoveWorld International Music Awards' (LIMA) was 'Hotter Than Fire.' Gospel music has never been more awesome. The LoveWorld artists and ministers performed tracks that were simply incredible. Of the many artists who won awards, Sinach was honored for her song 'Overflow' and this brought a tear to the eye of all who heard it.

Delightful December

The blessings continued into December as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome taught us that this is the month of 'Blessings in Thanksgiving.' The thanksgiving services this month have been soul-stirring as the blessings continued.

The LoveWorld family rolled up their sleeves and gave acts of service to their community in honor of Pastor Chris's birthday. December the 7th saw unprecedented amounts of love and joy flowing around the globe. Many individuals and groups took part. Haircuts, medical examinations, and surgeries were performed to those in need. Community facilities were cleaned, tidied and painted. The homeless and needy were fed and clothed. It was a time of soul-stirring edification.

2019 kicked off in a blaze of glory when Pastor Chris Oyalhilome announced it was going to be the "Year of Lights". There has been a huge impact on the world. One such guiding light has been messages from his daily devotional. None shine as brightly as the 'Messanger Angel' called "Rhapsody of Realities" is available in over 200 languages and provides daily comfort and uplifting wisdom.

With a Christmas Service, Future African Leaders Awards (FALA) and New Year's Eve Services there are still three unmissable events to conclude this awe-inspiring year. Every month something wonderful has been given to the world by Christ Embassy and we anticipate even greater things happening next year

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