Vice President

Speaking at an event recently, Osinbajo reportedly lamented on how a few individuals in the country stole funds meant to equip the Nigerian army while enumerating the disadvantages of a corrupt executive, legislature or judiciary.

In his words, “Despite the widespread cynicism about the ability of the political class to fight corruption, we have indeed found the will to go after it with all that is within our resources as enabled by existing laws of our land,” he said.

He further said: “How do you explain a situation where funds meant to equip soldiers in a war that was consuming thousands and probably looking for all of us but was stolen by a few individuals, and then people still find the justification for such behaviour.

“We don’t set out fighting corruption believing and acting as if we are the best there are by virtue of our positions as chief executives and thinking that we will do it alone without employing the other available human resources," he said.

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On the need for all tiers of the government to steer clear corruption, Osinbajo said, “We need to know that a corrupt executive will destroy all that’s meant for development, that a corrupt legislature will frustrate all effort to strengthen institutions via relevant legislation, and that a corrupt judiciary will frustrate all attempts at punishing corrupt crimes and those involved in them.”

Osinbajo also pointed out that what is needed to win the war that’s threatening everybody is a coalition of reasonable men and women who would form the army of the willing.