Presidential aspirant, Professor Kingsley Moghalu, has noted that Nigeria will find it impossible to rise if it doesnt make room for more participation of women in politics and the economy.

The former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) took to his Twitter account )on Thursday, July 12, 2018 and urged Nigeria to take advantage of the enterprising spirit of women to build a better society.

He disclosed that, if elected, 40% of his cabinet would be filled with women, with 50% being the target. He advocated for improved education of girls, improved access of women to finance, as well as adequate protection under the law. He also advocated against child marriages.

He said, "Despite the lack of investment in education, inadequate protection from child marriages, low levels of educational attainment and more, Nigeria, with the amazing entrepreneurial acumen our women harness, ranks 37 on the WEF Global Gender Gap Report sub-index 'Economic Participation and Opportunity'.

"We rank higher than countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea. Nigeria still ranks distressingly low in the overall report however, at 122 out of 144 countries.

"So, how does Nigeria do better and have a competitive workforce fit for a 21st century economy?

"1. Better protection of girls below the age of 18. Child marriages keep the cycle of poverty going.

"2. Improve the quality of education all around (better standards for materials and teachers, facilities) with an emphasis on ensuring most girls complete secondary school.

"3. Dramatically improve women's access to finance and improving financial literacy and independence.

"4. Ensure that women receive adequate protection under the law for rights to property, building consensus through engagement with traditional and religious rulers as is being done in Asia.

"5. As a man, I realise that men must become an active part of the solution against violence against women in all its forms. Our criminal justice system must also be reformed to deliver justice to abused women.

"6. At least 40% of my cabinet will be made of women, with 50% being the goal, and a broader aim of cascading this down to state governments and legislatures across the country.

"7. Finally, there must be political punishment for legislators who voted against the Gender and Equal Opportunities (GEO) Bill.

"Nigeria will not rise without its women."

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Moghalu to run for president with YPP

Moghalu announced on May 24, 2018 that he'll be contesting for the presidency on the platform of .

In his statement titled, "A bold dare, a bold response to Nigeria's call, and a bold invitation: Have the courage to join us", he disclosed that the urge to not become a part of the old order of failed and recycled politicians influenced his decision to join YPP, noting that he wanted to join a party that shared his vision of leadership as one of service and accountability.

He described YPP as a grassroots-oriented party with historic network and cell leaders in every one of the six geo-political zones of the country. He noted that the party has full and final structures  that can finally put an end to the agitations of Nigerians for quality leadership.

He said, "So I am here today to announce that in response to the parties of the past, in response to umbrellas that block out the light of hope, and brooms that sweep away truth and replace them with lies, in response to the parties of tired old tricks and tired old systems and tired old men, I and millions across Nigeria will choose the Young Progressive Party -  YPP  -  the party of today and tomorrow.

"This is, importantly, an organizational choice. The Young Progressive Party has over the past year set up full and final structures  -  extensive offices, with an extensive pool of party officials, operatives, volunteers across the country. This is a grassroots-oriented party. Matched with our historic network and cell leaders across Nigeria in every one of the 6 geo-political zones of the country, this is a union made in possibilities."

YPP was registered as a political party by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in June 2017.