Kogi lawmaker,

Late on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the lawmaker took to his Twitter account to also accuse the police of arresting 12 people connected to him, including two of his brothers.

He posted, "Samuel Melaye, Moses Melaye, Pastor Obalemo, my driver Folorunsho, one of my lawyers and 7 others arrested since Monday by the police still in detention by the police.

"Melaye is at the intensive care unit of the national hospital. Trauma section.

"Denied access to my lawyers, family members and food for the past more than 24 hours."

It's doubtful that the lawmaker tweeted the posts himself as he's been under police custody at the National Hospital, Abuja, since Tuesday after he carried out a daring escape while he was being transported in a police vehicle to his home state to answer criminal charges.

With help from hoodlums, Melaye had briefly escaped from police officers while he was being transported from Abuja to Kogi on Tuesday, April 24. This was due to his refusal to be transported to Kogi due to fears that he would be assassinated by officers in collusion with the Kogi state government.

The Senator resurfaced at the in an ambulance, apparently unconscious, around 4:25pm and was admitted into the emergency unit.

A team of at least 30 armed police officers caught up with him in the health facility and moved him to the National Hospital.