Former Chairman of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee,

Jibrin also said that lawmakers use official houses and guest houses allocated to them for parties with prostitutes.

He made the comments via a statement released on social media on Monday, October 17. The statement reads:

“You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. I want to be one of those madmen”- Thomas Sankara On day 88 of DogaraGate: At a time of recession when Members of House and ministers collect a paltry sum per annum for rent of official House Speaker Dogara and Lasun secretly collected 500m naira from multiple sources in the name of “we no get official house” for rent of Houses and guest houses.”

“It was in the process of delivering part of the illicit money that the criminal Herma Hembe stole part of the money that sparked a fight between him and Lasun. Billions has been stolen and wasted over the years by the House in name of providing official houses and guest houses that are often used for parties with prostitutes.”

Jibrin had earlier accused Dogara and other senior members of the House of padding the 2016 budget.

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He was suspended on Wednesday, September 28, after he failed to appear before the House committee on ethics over an alleged breach of members' privileges.