According to a reporter, Paraic O'Brien, the victims were buried in Salerno, south of Naples, in Italy after autopsies revealed there was no recent trace of physical or sexual violence.

The autopsy revealed that 25 of the victims died of asphyxiation in the water, when the inflatable dinghy they were travelling on sank while the remaining one suffered a wound to her liver.

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A white rose was placed on each of the coffins as a day of mourning was declared in Salerno to honour their memory.

Most of the dead victims are teenagers aged 14 to 18 and two of them were pregnant.

Spanish warship, Cantabria, docked at the southern port of Salernoon Sunday, November 5, 2017, carrying 375 survivors and the dead women kept in a refrigerated section of the warship.

The bodies of the victims were recovered from two separate shipwrecks, 23 from one and three from the other, after rescue operations by Cantabria which works as part of the European Union's Sophia anti-trafficking operation.

Italian security authorities have already arrested two men in connection with the deaths.

The two men, named as Al Mabrouc Wisam Harar, from Libya, and Egyptian Mohamed Ali Al Bouzid, have been charged by investigators after they were identified by survivors as the captains of one of the boats where the victims died.