House of Representatives Speaker,

Dogara said further that Nigeria’s unity is not a mistake because it was ordained by God.

The Speaker made the comments during a meeting with the group, Northern Nigeria Christian Politicians in Abuja.

“For some of us who think Nigeria was a mistake, or that the North, having aggregated so many ethnic groups, and then two dominant force is a mistake, I want to advise us to do a rethink,” Dogara said according to a statement released by his media aide, Turaki Hassan.

“The one who put together Nigeria and the North is God and He has the mandate. And anybody who is fighting for the disintegration of this country will not succeed because I believe that God has a plan for Nigeria and l believe God has a plan for northern Nigeria.

“Until God is done with his plan, the north will remain as it is and Nigeria will remain as it is. If anyone can upturn that, it means he is greater than God,” he added.

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The Speaker is believed to be referring to the agitation for the Republic of Biafra by some groups in the Eastern parts of Nigeria.