Terrorist group, Boko Haram has reportedly released 192 people that it had previously taken captive.

Goni Katarko, a notable politician who hails from the area told Vanguard that the militants had asked them to pick up their relatives at Woron Yinwa village.

“They were so lucky to get lorry that conveyed them to Gazargana village were we picked them through the aid of military personnel. The military kept them in a camp and pleaded with us to leave them for security reasons,” Katarko said.

“I received four from my five family members abducted, the other one is among the 29 people that are yet to be released by the insurgents,” he added.

One of the freed captives, identified as Malam Aysha said that the insurgents had split them into two groups, one consisting of people who wanted to stay behind and one for people who desired their freedom.

“Many of us refused to accept their offer and the leader ordered that we should be taken out of the territory so that we can join the land of unbelievers out there,” she said.

“They took us to Wuron Yinwa village before one herdsman led us to where we got a lorry driver that conveyed us to Gazargana village and finally picked by our relatives. Some of us were taken to Ajigil, and some to Buni yadi but they gathered all of us when they decided to release us,” she added.

The sect also abducted more than 200 girls from Chibok, Borno State on April 14, 2014. Most of them are still in captivity.