Nigerian singer turned pastor,

In what he termed a prophecy on Nigeria, which was posted on his official Facebook page, Soul E said he heard cries in Aso Rock in his vision.

He wrote: "I hear cry in Aso Rock we need to pray for the First Lady of Nigeria. In a vision, I saw a popular Nigeria old time politician that was once in the Party of PDP having a heart attack. This will happen shortly, this politician will die of a heart attack."

Furthermore, Soul E wrote: "Nigeria is about to discover an oil well that has never been discovered before and this will turn the oil price around. I see grace coming upon the super eagles of Nigeria, God is about to do the extraordinary with the Nigerian Team."

In his closing remarks, Soul E wrote, "prophecy is not for debate, prophecy is not democracy, prophecy is given to the call for prayers, it's well with Nigeria."

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Soul E had a short stint with secular music, where he signed a major record deal but quit to marry Queen Ure but later ended the marriage to remarry few years later.