Depending on who your partner is, you could be very friendly with members of the opposite sex or not – friendly and flirty.

Sure, having a boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean you have to stop talking to other people or making friends with members of the opposite sex, but some partners are just a little more tolerant than others when it comes to the way their partner relates with other men/women.

In a relationship and or uncool? [Credit - Essence]
In a relationship and or uncool? [Credit - Essence]

Where is the limit of friendliness to not breach though? Do you refuse to talk to them altogether, talk to them only when you have to, and without any flirtation?

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Do you hug them? How about liking their Instagram photos, or dropping heart-eye emojis on the photos of other people who aren’t your partner.

If it’s cool to flirt, at what point does it become too much for someone in a relationship? When do you start going beyond the boundary of friendliness to something more worrying?

It’s actually pretty straightforward, flirting while in a committed relationship is something that will always elicit debate.

Women are willingly trying to date married men. Why?
Women are willingly trying to date married men. Why?

The only way to really answer the question is to personalize it and put it in context of your own relationship and how it makes you and your partner feel. Because to some, the very idea of flirting with someone else is repulsive while to some others, finding the balance between extra-friendliness and staying respectful/faithful to your commitment to your partner is what decides what the answer to the question will.

One thing that however remains indisputable is that every desire to live your best life is to be balanced with your commitment to your partner,