Weddings are usually more enjoyed by the bride, yes or yes?

Whatever your choice, it appears we all agree that women seem to be in more buoyant mood on their wedding day.

This has nothing to do with them being glad to finally have a man and all those other silly demeaning things people often say about some brides, this is more about their nature, their set-up.

It is not uncommon to see wedding photographers pay a lot more attention on the bride than on the groom.

And in these pictures, when the bride is not standing with the groom, who will she be with?

Yeah, you guessed right - the Bridesmaids and other members of her squad!!!

In this article we show some of the best pictures brides have ever taken with their squad. [With the help of Madamenoire who initially sought the pics on IG, of course]

Hopefully, one, two or more can inspire you and your friends to get your groove on when you or one of them walks down the aisle! #Squadgoals