Every wedding planner is all about following what is in vogue and leaving out what's not, but trends will come and go but there are simply some ideas that are here to stay and it can't really be changed.

This is because most weddings aren't complete without them and they'll always look great when incorporated in weddings.

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Compiled by She Finds, here are certain ideas that'll never go out of style for your wedding:

1. Flowers

A wedding simply isn't complete without bridal flowers and there'll be no 'catch the bouquet' without flowers. Most of all, they add to the bride's beauty, live or in photos.

2. Lace

This has never  gone and will never go out of style. You can incorporate them into anywhere, from the wedding gown, to the chairs or stamped into the wedding cake. They are simply timeless.

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3. Black tie

The black tie simply gives the groom that feel of a well-groomed gentleman. Now paired with the bride's gown is simply elegant.

4. Long tables

This is one of the oldest sitting arrangements ever, apart from being easy, it gives guest that intimate feel especially when beautiful centrepieces are added.

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5. White Dress

After Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown in 1840, every bride till now has adapted to that color. A bride in a white gown speaks volumes in terms of beauty and elegance.

6. Personalised items

Adding the bride and groom's name to the plates, water, wine or any other thing given to wedding guests to make it unique is a very old trend that'll never go out of style.

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7. A white wedding cake

There's something classy and unique about a white wedding cake at the centre of your reception hall and different colors of light reflecting on