Guys, here’s the thing about love and life: you can’t be too sure of who you will trip into it with. She could be plus sized and honest-to-God more gorgeous than any woman you have ever seen. She could be most petite babe with the freest spirit ever known. And on the other hand, she could be just a shy one.

That’s the way life is and happiness can be found in whatever situation you find yourself in. True love and a beautiful romance can be discovered with any of these women – particularly with the shy ones!

If you ever find yourself falling in love with the quiet, easy-going spirit of a shy woman, here are five things you should know about dating such babe.

1. Introducing her to your friends will likely be awkward

You know, because that’s how shy people are. Meeting new people kinda freaks them out.

How shy women ask men out.

2. She rarely speaks up about how she feels or what she wants

You will have to be very sensitive to get her to open up to you especially in the early months of the relationship.

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3. You’ll need to be patient when it comes to physical intimacy

These things usually take time anyway. With the shy girl, expect to give her some more extra time. Don’t be pushy.

Embarrassed woman covers face in shame

4. PDA is a no no

This naturally comes with the territory. Public displays of affection require a certain amount to brashness and confidence that your shy girlfriend won’t particularly be willing to muster.

5. Treasures privacy

If you want to date a shy girlfriend, you should be ready to sync with her on the aspect of privacy. While she wants to spend a lot of time with you, she would rather do it at home than in a crowded place. She likely prefers candlelit dinners to a loud diner’s. An afternoon or evening spent cuddled up on a couch, watching TV or movies at home will feel a lot better for her than in a crowded cinema room.

Whatever robs her of her privacy, or puts her in the spotlight won’t really sit well with her.