Serena Williams next move since her engagement last December is something we have been eagerly looking forward to.

A wedding date, a venue, anything... just any detail, please!

And at last, four months after she got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, the curvy tennis giant seems to have given us an insight into her wedding.

While we still do not know the date, we are at least sure that she is checking out dresses, fabrics and laces for the big day.

A picture appeared on her Instagram feed on Sunday April 2nd 2017, showing what looks like the train of an extravagant gown.

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The caption to the post reads: "Romantic lace. Very pretty. #inspired #fashion"

Williams, 35, announced her engagement to Alexis 33, with an adorable poem via Reddit last year.

The pair has been dating since October 2015 and though there is no word yet on when they will officially tie the knot, we know now that she is looking forward, and preparing for that day.