The Emir of Kanos first son has just announced that there will be another Nigerian royal wedding... soon!

According to Linda Ikeji's blog, the Prince, Aminu Sanusi Lamido has made a formal introduction of his sweetheart, Fulani Zainab Ali Bashir to the public, ahead of their nuptials - which will be a lavish, beautiful affair going by Nigerian royal wedding standards!

He is quoted to have shared the following words:

"Nothing like perfect wife or perfect marriage... All you can wish for is an understandable and respectful wife...

And after years of trial and error I have finally met my gold... so ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the new princess of kano.. Fulani Zainab Ali bashir.."

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A wedding date is unmentioned, so it is not known whether the nuptials will light up Kano before the end of 2018 or if it is one of the weddings to look forward to in 2019!

Whatever the case, we have no worries that it would be an amazing affair just like other royal weddings we have seen in recent times.

Recall Ooni of Ife's talk-of-the-town wedding in October which we all loved for it embrace of culture and its mindblowing elements.

We expect nothing short of that traditional radiance and extravagance at this Kano Wedding - and we surely can't wait!

Congratulations to the couple from Pulse Weddings!