What sex means to women

What does sex mean to you? Let us hear your opinion.

Sex and Marriage

Sex is a bonding, and women, being emotionally wired, take it in deep. Hmmm! that did not come out fine. I meant to say they see it as an intimate form of communicating love. Ehen!

That is why a lady will cry and want to breakdown when she is jilted. The pain stems from the deep hurt, that she gave an intimate part of herself.

Well, some girls do not see it as an intimate connection though. So back to the matter at hand.

Here is what some ladies say sex means to them.

1. Sex shows a woman that you love her.

2. Sex is a form of communication.

3. Sex is passion.

4. Sex is a trusted connection between two people.

5. Sex is bargaining power.

6. Sex is an expression of independence and true womanhood.

What does sex mean to you? Let us hear your opinion.


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