Dear Bukky,

Good day. Please I urgently need you help/advice.

I'm a young man in a serious relationship. I'm really in love with my partner and any time from now we will be getting married. She is distant from me due to the fact that we work in different states.

Right now I'm having a secret relationship with one of my close friend who happens to be in same relationship condition as mine.

She really loves her man. We both are so into each other that we can't stay a day without seeing each other.

We've tried everything possible to end this madness but nothing seems to be working out.

Recently, her boyfriend came to town to visit her. During the one month visit of her boyfriend, we had sex and right now she is pregnant for me.

She wants to push the pregnancy to her boyfriend (who won't have a doubt and gladly accept) but I'm confused on what to do. 

The truth is I won't leave my girlfriend for her and she won't do likewise for me because we both love our partners and are both preparing for marriage. 

Please I need your urgent advice. Thanks.________________

Please don’t do this. I can’t even think of any other option than that.

You cannot allow her do that to her boyfriend. No matter how terrible cheating might sound, pushing the baby to that boyfriend is way worse.

Here is the thing about maturity – you learn to take responsibility for your actions and bear the brunt for the things you say and the things you do.

This pregnancy and the baby growing in that woman is yours. Whatever she and you decide choose to do, pushing that baby on that man should not be an option to you.

I couldn’t ever advice you differently. And I believe that this is the best advice you’ll ever get on the issue.


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