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[Response to: How often in a week should married couples have sex?]

Just want to respond to the above subject matter.To me, it is not even a question of how many times in a week but rather the quality of the sex at whatever number of times. The quality, I mean, the preamble like romance prior to sex, in preparation for sex, foul play during sex, the duration of the sex etc.

All these to me matter more that the number of times. One can have sex one or twice in a week and the effect and experience will last long all through the week, rather than having it several times and maybe the duration will just be 3 to 5 minutes each time.

I will prefer us to discuss about the quality of sex rather than quantity. How one can improve on the quality?

For example, how one can move from 30 minutes sex to 1 hour and even more?

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Hi reader,

I picked this message for response because I find it intriguing. I’m very intrigued, as a matter of fact.

Let me thank you for your opinion which is very valid by the way.

The quality of sex matters a lot, just as much as its quantity makes sense, too.

I believe that the frequency of sex in a relationship or marriage is something that everyone needs to work out with their partners; there is no general rule to it.

About how one can improve quality and experience of sex, I have just one answer – foreplay.

For men, the very act of sex lasts around seven to 10 minutes, and it becomes quite uncomfortable for some women if you just keep thrusting non-stop for longer than that.

So ‘sex’ itself should not be getting into 30 minutes or beyond, it is the foreplay - the smooches, the kisses, the caresses, the touches and other activities - that should be played out.

Take your time to notice what pleasures your partner most, or you could ask her what she likes most and concentrate on giving her maximum pleasure by doing those things.

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In conclusion, always remember that great foreplay is the major thing you need to keep the sex as memorable as possible.

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