Romantic relationships, no matter how sweet they turn out to be, always begin from a simple interest. A pretty smile here, a charmed look there, some easy conversations at other times, and something starts to bud.

Eventually that budding interest grows into something colourful, something to be treasured and sometimes, long-lasting.

It goes without saying that not much happens without attraction and that fascination about someone which pulls people to them. You want to be sure people find you attractive, either in a physical or cerebral sense. You also want to know things that appeal to you the most. The physical features that drive you nuts in the opposite sex, and other subtler, more abstract things that you find irresistible.

When Nigerian rapper, Zoro, stopped by at Pulse HQ few days back, we asked him, among other music-related questions, to give us a little insight into his love life, the things he find irresistible in women and how he manages to keep the attention from ladies in check.

In that exclusive interview, the man says he’s single but he’s pretty clear on the things that would draw his attention to a woman and it has nothing to do with a pretty face or a lush body.

“I am about vibes, not looks,” Zoro tells Pulse. “I am not about what you have going on either. I am about vibes, what I feel when I am around you. How much we connect how it is easy to be friends with you.

“That’s what I look out for the most because I feel like I’ve not seen the most beautiful woman on this mother earth.”

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And on a general note, Zoro thinks that there are too many beautiful women around for that to be anyone’s major point of attraction. Making beauty the centre of your thoughts when looking to get with women will always lead to confusion, he says.

“Because today you see a fine woman, tomorrow you see another one. So if you start putting your values on just beauty, it means you’ll get tired because you’ll see someone today and you’ll go ‘I want this one’ , then tomorrow you’ll see another one.

“So I keep it on vibes. Vibe is key. If we connect, if after a little while we connect so much that I’m completing your statements, it’s easier… it’s fun.

On unwanted interest from female fans and other women, Zorro says:

“I try as much as possible not to mix business with pleasure. So most of the times when I know someone is a fan or someone loves what I do and then they start showing interest, I try as much as possible not to mix these things up because there’s an amount of [closeness] you’d have with someone and they’d stop being a fan and start focusing on you.

“And when you don’t give the person what the person wants, she’s going to go and when the person goes, you’ve lost a fan.”

Watch Zoro and Simi blow each other's minds in the music video below: