How soon, or how early should people kiss after meeting or knowing each other?

While some have no problem with doing kissing on the very first date, so far the date was good and there was a good vibe created, some would never do that until they have known the person for a certain amount of time, and they even have to be dating for that to happen.

It appears that the majority would rather be married before being kissed or kissing a member of the opposite sex.

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57% of those that partook of the poll believe that Kissing is as sacred as sex, and should be kept on hold till wedding.

28% say it does not matter whether you are married or not, or whether you are dating or not, you can kiss someone once a connection has been established and you feel good about doing it.

About 14%, which make up the lowest voted answer, say they would only do that with someone they are in a relationship with.

The results somehow appear to be in stark contrast to what the popular belief is, but as it is often said, different strokes for different folks.

For majority of those that voted, after being wedded to someone is a better time to kiss than when you have just met them, and it does not even feel right during dating, too.