Quite a number of people believe that people whose marriages have broken down should not be teaching others how to make a marriage work.

The justification for this view lies in this question: why should they be giving marriage advice when they could not even keep theirs?

In a poll conducted here in July, we tried to know what Pulse readers thought about this.

When asked if they would take marriage advice from a divorced person, 57.1% voted “hell no!”

Only 42.9% said they wouldn’t mind hearing any advice a divorced person might have.

Here is the thing about relationships and marriage advice: they can come from anyone, and their usefulness is not dependent on the giver, but on the user.

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As it is written in that original article, “anyone can give good or bad advice, whether married or unmarried, young or old, experienced or inexperienced – although some have a higher tendency of giving good advice over some others.

“Also, relationship and marriage advice [and all other forms of advice] are actually meant to be taken or rejected.

“So it does not matter who gives the advice, if you think it’ll work for the kind of relationship/marriage you have with your partner, then take it and use it, even if the giver is divorced.”

That’s a better way to go about this whole thing.