Everyone says age is just a number but the society sometimes frowns upon older women getting married to much younger men.

This is the case of Angharad Lovering, a 38-yr-old British bride who married her 19-yr-old boyfriend, Loric Bullock from Jamaica after series of Skype calls and Blackberry Messenger chat.

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The couple who have a son together say that though marriage isn't easy, they are very much in-love with each other.

We conducted a poll concerning the article, asking readers if they would allow any female member of their family marry a man who is way younger than they are.

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Most Pulse readers voted that they would approve as long as there's nothing shady going on.

Results from the poll revealed that, 53.6% of Pulse Readers voted yes, if they love each other, 25.0% readers said never, adding that relationships like that never works, 21.4% were indifferent.