Fatima Buhari, the Presidents second daughter will marry

The wedding will take place at the President's home in Maiaduwa GRA, Katsina state, and starts at 2pm after Jumaát prayers.

Fatima is the President's second daughter from his late former wife, and the groom, who turns 57 later this year, was once the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

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Of course, there will be lots and lots if dignitaries and VIP's to grace the occasion.

Reports say Vice President Osinbajo is leading a host of Governors, government Aides as well as other prominent political figures to celebrate with the President's family.

There's also the expectation that many other top business men and respected figures from all walks of life will be at Katsina state to join iin celebrations.

From reports, the streets over in Katsina are already buzzing with activities and expectation.

While we await the start of the ceremony, we wish the couple a fun-filled ceremony and joyful married life.