Weddings always have memorable moments and to this couple, they will never forget how cold it was on their big day --  because they actually tied the knot in snow!

Brad and Tara Peters' wedding took place during winter at Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park and the bride ditched a fur coat for a sleeveless nude-color gown. (Wasn't she feeling the snow?)

The couple reportedly met online in February 2014 and by April  30, 2015, they were married. "I was getting stationed in Nebraska [for the Navy] in February 2014, so I hopped on a dating website a few months before to see what the potential was out West, as well as make a friend or two before arriving,” Tara said.

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Besides the lovely couple having an overwhelming ice-cold matrimony, their wedding photographer, Nathan  Welton stole all the attention when he tumbles into Bear Lake while shooting the family picture.

"Nathan falling through the ice was yet another story to tell in this crazy awesome life we have just begun,” Brad told The Huffington Post.

"As I went down through the ice, I instinctively raised both my cameras above my head,” photographer Nathan,  told The Huffington Post. "Thankfully, I hit the bottom of the lake quickly. The cameras are splash-proof and weather sealed, but obviously not designed to be submerged. One of my lens  hades had a plug of snow in it, which I removed and kept shooting."

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Nathan kept shooting and even got some shots from the water of his own rescue.

"He actually gave us about an hour extra of shooting time, which — given he probably had frostbite on his feet — was amazing. Off and on it was laughed about as we continued on with our picture session. He’s such a professional and team player,"Tara said.