Grand acts of love are great –

As I pointed out in a previous Pulse article here;

Big gifts and grand gestures of love are “just like the storeys of a tall building. They are all placed on the very first floor which is always at the base, where no one really sees it.

Without them, however, the storeys can’t be standing.”

Affection, and other simple thoughtful things that reassure your partner of your love for them cannot be relegated to the back of grand gestures for without these little things, these grand gestures don’t mean much.

So below we list three small acts of love that often count more than grand ones when done regularly.

1. Listen

In a healthy relationship, each partner relies on the other for love, guidance and advice. Sometimes, just taking the time to genuinely listen to what they have to say, and not saying anything at all, will say more to her than your words ever could.

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2. Know what they like

I could go on and on saying send morning texts, send meals to her office, make her a meal she likes, take him to a candle-lit dinner and all that but the secret of relationships and marriages has been found to be in the peculiarity of each marriage.

It’s always between two people with unique tastes, opinions, values and all.

The major key here, is to really to know the things that freak your partner, the things that impress them, the things that gladden their hearts and excite their minds.

3. Do it how they like it

And it is not enough to know these things, you have to be willing to to them.

And not just to do them, do them how they like it done.

Maybe it’s not so simple as ABC, but it’s what you need, sincerely, to make the best of your relationship/marriage and you just have to find a way around it.

Hey, no one said relationships and marriages were going to be easy all the time, did they?