The American chose to propose to his girlfriend Kaley McLean, in a manner that made her Disney dreams come true.

Kaley, who has always been a Disney fan, got very excited when she was chosen to act as Belle in a production of “Beauty and the Beast” at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, Florida.

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Little did she know that there would be more to be excited about at the performance.

With the assistance of the play’s directors, her boyfriend, Brenden, was able to sneak into rehearsals and train with members of the production crew several times till he became good enough to deliver the needed lines- and of course, some extra lines.

With the hall totally sold out for the performance, Brenden pulled off a magnificent proposal which will fit seamlessly into any Disneyland fairy tale.

The video which documented the proposal has already gotten over 45,000 views at the time of publishing this story.