It is the social media  age, where the lives of people can be assessed and judged boring or interesting by simply peering at their Facebook timelines,  Twitter feeds or Instagram stories.

What this has caused is an apparent need for validation; where everyone often posts happy stuff about every aspect of their lives on social media, trying to look good and and paint a picture of perfection.

But is this really something good for people in relationships? Do people in love necessarily have to post every happy moment and bad time on social media?

We think the answer to this is no, and here are reasons why:

1. Nothing to gain from it

With the Internet came trolls, and whether or not you are posting treasured moments or your relationship problems online, be sure there will be one or two of those available to pass unwanted comments that will only worsen the situation and make you question the decision to post in the first instance.

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Revealing all your personal problems to everyone you know on social media is about the least effective method available for solving your issues. It’s only going to make things worse in your relationship.

2. It encourages fakeness

Experience has revealed that these social media posts are actually not always a true portrayal of reality and trying to fit into that kind of model is not very good for your relationship.

Posting happy relationship stories online does not mean you are happy, and the comments you get for those pictures and stories will not magically wave away the problems in your relationship.

Instead of seeking to look happy online so people can tag your relationship as a ‘goal,’ focus instead on beautifying the core of your relationship, and not faking happiness for cheap, useless comments

3. You don’t need validation from anyone

You are in a relationship because you want to be, and your partner is your partner because you feel they are good enough for you. You do not need to convince anyone of this by constantly explaining their good deeds and why you love them on your social media platforms.

4.  You are happier without posting your relationship online

Researchers have reportedly found that couples who don’t use social media are on the whole happier than those who do because they don’t constantly compare themselves with colleagues and friends whose love lives are always on display on social media.