Lami Phillips and her husband must be feeling a good type of way, having gone strong in marriage for this long - an impressive 12 years!

The singer and mother of two daughters took to Instagram to share a pic of herself and her husband in a very cozy embrace, and added the following words,

"It's easy to roll it off and pretend like it's nothing but that would be arrant foolishness. Celebrating 12 years of marriage is a big deal!!!!

"Not because we'd like to show off but because each day we conquer together is a testimony of God’s grace.

"The world we live in today celebrates all the wrong principles and ideals... so staying married and being happy is hinged purely on God.

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"We've been on our journey now almost 20 years and married 12 out of that 20. That is just God! That is TESTIMONY! I celebrate with you today @labillion ... I wouldn't travel the journey of life with anyone else.

"Husband and boyfriend of my youth, father of my divas, CEO of my fan club, my funny valentine, my dancing partner... my prayer partner, my amebo partner... my jaiye jaiye partner... we've been through and still we stand.

Here's to the next 60 years!!!! Olowo Ori mi xx Krk”

Subsequent posts made on the singer's IG page on that same day suggest that there was a party celebrating the anniversary, with Waje, Omawunmi, Bovi, and Chigurl in attendance.

Congratulations to Lami and Labo on their 12th wedding anniversary.

Cheers to at least 60 more great years of blessed, happy matrimony.