An Argentine man has managed to pull off a surprise wedding on his girlfriend who thought she was only attending a friends wedding.

The bride, Mercedez Ortiz walked into her own wedding, thinking she was only a guest at her friend’s ceremony.

Her boyfriend, Gustavo, had arranged with a church in Sarandi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, without Mercedez suspecting a thing.

The childhood sweethearts have known each other for 30 years when the groom was nine and the bride seven, before they finally tied the knot in a truly remarkable fashion in November, 2016.

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The Bubble reports that the couple already had a civil wedding ceremony in 2003 but Gustavo always wanted a church wedding to seal the deal.

So in 2011, he started playing with the idea of having a surprise wedding ceremony for his bride but the churches turned him down until the priest of Sacred Heart of Barracas Church agreed to do it this year.

After the ceremony, and during the reception, while the couple danced, Mercedez said to him: "I can't believe you did this, you're crazy."

Of course, that is what love does to you; it makes you think of all the best ways to bring a smile to the face of the one you love, so we totally agree with the bride on that one.

Gustavo is a crazy, crazy man; but in a sweet, love-drunk kind of way!