Here are ways to enjoy your relationship without putting a dampener on your partner’s industrious, enthusiastic spirit.

As humans with a desire to have a full, diversified life, it is normal for people to be invested in several interests at the same time.

For instance it is only natural to want to do well in one’s career, grow healthy familial relationships and at the same time maintain happy romantic relationships and marriages, while staying in tune with their spirituality, too.

With all of these jostling for one’s attention and time, there is a risk of leaving some things unattended to. And as many people often find out a little too late, getting a healthy work-love balance is not always as easy as one would expect.

The goal, however, is to always give the best to your relationship and your job [and other aspects of your life]. One aspect does not have to suffer for the other.

Here are ways to enjoy your relationship without putting a dampener on your partner’s industrious spirit.

 Learning to stay connected even at times when you both do not want sex is key [Credit Lionspot]
Learning to stay connected even at times when you both do not want sex is key [Credit Lionspot]

1. Make the best of the available time

It really is not so much about increasing the time as it is spending the available time wisely. When you spend time with your significant other in the best, most pleasing and most satisfying manners possible, you can do away with the frustration of ‘not being with each other enough.’

The truth is that you could have the whole time in the world together and still feel an emptiness when you’re with them. So learning to fill the available time with unforgettable moments is what should be your priority.

2. Recognize the benefit of having a partner who’s passionate about their work.

If your partner is enthusiastic about work, that positive energy will come through in your relationship, according to American executive wellness coach, Naz Beheshti.

“When my client loves what they do, that joy and fulfillment ripples through their relationships and results in positive outcomes,” she says.

 “In these cases, asking them to scale back is like asking a kid to scale back on their play time rather than accepting and allowing them to do what they love most.”

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3. Communicate

It is also important to always let them know that it is important to not get too carried away with work to the detriment of your relationship.

Yes, a good partner should know better and not need to be reminded. Still, when you care about your relationship, occasionally nudging your man or woman towards healthy practices for the purpose of the relationship won’t hurt.

Plan out more quality time together. [Credit Pinterest]
Plan out more quality time together. [Credit Pinterest]

4. Plan fun activities ahead of time

Instead of asking your S.O. to scale back on work, which might be misconstrued as unsupportive, plan out more quality time together, says Beheshti.

You may have to do a lot of reminding to make this work but hey… count it as some of the effort required for the success of the relationship.

5.  That enthusiasm could be good for your relationship

Approach your relationship issues with as much vigor as you would a work problem. Experiment with rules with your partner and see what works, and then communicate like crazy.

At the end of the day, fine-tuning your personal life and schedule will benefit your partner and your productivity at work the next morning.