When it happens, it is said that women have a way of dealing with it better, whereas men would often look for other ways that are not so healthy to deal with their pain

These unhealthy methods of handling breakups may have become associated with men but that does not make them right and now is the time to be more intentional about handling pain the right way.

In essence, when next a relationship fails, these are what to do:

1. Don't try to evade the pain with alchohol

In times of stress, many men seek relief at the bottom of a glass. But overindulgence can cause you to suppress feelings that are best dealt with.

2. Don't bottle it up

This is another advice very necessary for men, as silence has somehow been the ideal thing to do when men they're hurt.

It is no longer cool, no longer manly to hold back on things that you really should be expressing and letting out.

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3. Sleep more

At times of stress, prioritise a good night's sleep.

4. Stalking won't bring her back

Cutting off all communication with your ex is not enough. Don't go on stalking her on social media or even in real life. That's so so toxic and so so wrong. It is not masculine in any way to try to threaten and scare her back to being with you. Also stalking only drives you unnecessarily crazy when you should actively working on forgetting her permanently.

5. Be busy

As well as focusing attention on your work, make time for exercise and pursue that hobby you never had room in your life for previously.