Ladies, which do you prefer, tall, dark, and handsome, or not-so-tall, not-so-dark, and not-very-handsome?

Most times, before the intellectual and other aspects of a guy shines through, what first attract women is the physical features, the things you see without really having to look so deep.

When Pulse Relationships asked a number of ladies to state their most preferred physical feature in a guy, it was not surprising to hear the clichéd features – enter the tall dark and handsome guy.

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But of course, since variety is the spice of life, some interesting responses were also gotten.

For instance, Jojo says the first thing she looks out for in a guy is his haircut, and if he is close enough, she checks out his nails.

Dammy agrees with Jojo to some extent. For her, the major physical attractions in a guy include a stylish haircut and a good, ripped body. Dammy wants her man bearing six packs and standing at a very impressive height.

For Olamide, Fatima and Titi, a guy with good set of teeth will dazzle them any time, any day.

The three ladies find pleasant smiles irresistible, but while Titi loves her man with a well-defined chest muscles, Olamide prefers to have her man paying much of his attention on his hygiene instead of his chest, and Fatima joins the pool of numerous other ladies who want a tall man.

In an interesting departure from the ripped-chest, muscular guy principle, Fade and Hauwa say they would rather have a guy who is without the tight muscles.

Hauwa likes a man with some flesh around his waist and Fade says her ideal man is the one who is just simply slim, but has to be tall.

Apparently, not every woman subscribes to the idea of a man being tall, dark, handsome and nothing else.

So, we ask, ladies, which feature in a guy do you find most attractive?

Do you like them tall, fair, dark, short, skinny, slim or chubby?

Would you love them with six packs, pot belly, bright white teeth, pink lips or with a smashing haircut?

Let us know by taking the poll below, and dropping comments in the comments section below.